Setkání 6/2018

při SOŠ energetické a stavební, OA a SZŠ, Chomutov, p.o.

Morąg 2018

Place: Poland

Term: 17-22.06.2018 (departure 2:30AM 17.6.2018 Chomutov –  arrival 23.6.2018 about 6:00AM)

Participants: 12 students, 4 teachers (Poland), 12 students, 4 teachers (Czech Republic)

Topic: „The influence of nature on human and the human on nature “ Morąg area – agricultural and industrial region situated among the lakes in the west part of Masuria area teeming with nature diversity (Northern part of Poland)

Program setkání

Zespół Szkół Licealnych w Morągu
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Program setkání

Sunday 17.6.2018

  • Arrival of participants from abroad, welcoming and accommodation – Hotel Irena in Morąg
  • Dinner in Hotel Irena

Monday 18.6.2018

Topic: The place where I live-Morąg and its region

  • Polish group will introduce in detail the program of the visit
  • Presentation prepared, done and presented by Polish students – detailed description of Morąg region- „The place where I live“
  • Tour around school
  • Initial Environmental Knowledge test (processed by teachers and pupils of hosting school)
  • City tour around Morąg
  • Integration activities- “city game” (if the weather is fine) or activities at school

Tuesday 19.6.2018

Topic: Water around us

  • Canoeing along Krutynia River- Krutyń – Rosocha- 2 hours (11:00-13:00)
  • Dinner- Krutyń Karczma.
  • Olsztyn-shopping.
  • Evening activities –supper at students’ houses or a bonfire.

Wednesday 20.6.2018

Topic: The life of the Baltic sea. (Trip to Gdynia, Hel, Gdańsk- at the sea)

  • Gdynia-Hel (10:00-11:00)- cruise by water tram from Skwer Kościuszki
  • Hel (11:00-12:00)-workshops in a a seal centre in English ” The life of the Baltic sea”
  • Hel- (ab.12:30)- dinner at a school canteen
  • Hel- beach
  • Hel-(14:00)- feeding seals
  • Hel- Gdynia (15:00-16:00)- coming back to Gdynia by water tram
  • Gdynia-Gdańsk – by bus
  • Gdańsk – a tour around the old town (about 2 hours)
  • Gdańsk-Morąg- coming back to Morąg at about 21:00

Thursday 21.6.2018

Topic: Water examination

  • An excursion to Jędrychówko village-sewage farm- taking samples of water
  • Taking samples of water- the area of Morąg backwater, Skiertąg Lake, Drela Lake
  • Dinner- Siwy Żuraw Restaurant repliky hodinek breitling in Morąg
  • Laboratoty classes at school- testing water clarity, examining the taken samples of water
  • Evening classes- bonfire or Bogaczewo or Kretowiny (depending on the weather)

Friday 22.6.2018

Topic: Summary of the visit

  • Visit summary-discussions – at school
  • Environmental knowledge test
  • Dinner- Siwy Żuraw Restaurant in Morąg
  • Leaving of the participants to Czech (visit Warszawa)