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Programme: Erasmus+

Action: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training – Innovation

Project Date: 01-10-2018 – 30-09-2020 (24 months)

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Project outputs conference: VET education – “How to do mobility”

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Project Summary

The European Commission has diagnosed a strong discordance between the competences acquired in education and those really necessary in the workplace. One of the proposed solutions is promoting work-based learning and, to that end, encouraging relationships between the various actors that can stimulate these initiatives: companies, business organizations and regional governments and institutions.

Another important goal in dual education is raising the so-called transversal competences, applicable to different work situations and to different environments on a global market by offering additional internships, but also by adapting the training itself. An increased mobility of apprentices between companies from different countries exposes the apprentices to different situations, new environments, different cultural and organizational contexts and stimulates their capacities for autonomy, resilience, problem solving, adaptation to new situations and innovation.

The aim of this project is to establish a Strategic Partnership for the development of innovative products within the project framework and their dissemination among partners and training agents.

Project outputs

Part 1: Transversal competences in mobility situations
Part 2: Curriculum of Transversal Competences in the context of transnational mobility
Part 3: Guidebook Keymob final
Part 4: Analysis Transnational Mobility Apprenticeships